My name is Attica Scott
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I am a mother and an activist, and in 2016 I defeated a 34-year incumbent to become the first Black woman elected to the Kentucky General Assembly this century.

My parents named me after the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York — the site of the famous prison rebellion for better living conditions and political rights. I consider this name to be a lifelong call to action, which is why I have dedicated my life to public service and community building.


I was raised in the West End of Louisville

in the historic Beecher Terrace public housing unit. Growing up, I spent most of my time on buses heading in and out of mostly white neighborhoods where there was high investment in public education and safety. It was a stark difference from my experience of living in poverty. In my decades of public service, I have fought for policies that will uplift everyone -- from the south end to the west end and all across our city.


As a candidate for the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education, I fought for students' rights. As a Councilwoman on Louisville Metro Council, I successfully spearheaded and passed a minimum wage increase and a bill to ban the box on job applications. During my 5 years in the supermajority GOP state legislature, I filed over 80 bills, including a bill banning no-knock search warrants; The Maternal Care Act, a bill reducing the high maternal mortality rate of Black women; and a resolution to pass The Green New Deal.


I am a proud graduate of duPont Manual High School and the first class of Emerge Kentucky.

But the accomplishment that brings me the most joy is being a mom.


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