My name is Attica Scott
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I am a mother and an activist, and in 2016 I defeated a 34-year incumbent to become the first Black woman elected to the Kentucky General Assembly this century.

My parents named me after the Attica Correctional Facility in Attica, New York — the site of the famous prison rebellion for better living conditions and political rights. I consider this name to be a lifelong call to action, which is why I have dedicated my life to public service and community building.


I was raised in the West End of Louisville

in the historic Beecher Terrace public housing unit. Growing up, I spent most of my time on buses heading in and out of mostly white neighborhoods where there was high investment in public education and safety. It was a stark difference from my experience of living in poverty. In my decades of public service, I have fought for policies that will uplift everyone -- from the south end to the west end and all across our city.


As a candidate for the Jefferson County Public Schools Board of Education, I fought for students' rights. As a Councilwoman on Louisville Metro Council, I successfully spearheaded and passed a minimum wage increase and a bill to ban the box on job applications. During my 5 years in the supermajority GOP state legislature, I filed over 80 bills, including a bill banning no-knock search warrants; The Maternal Care Act, a bill reducing the high maternal mortality rate of Black women; and a resolution to pass The Green New Deal.


I am a proud graduate of duPont Manual High School and the first class of Emerge Kentucky.

But the accomplishment that brings me the most joy is being a mom.

I’m running for Congress because my communities of solidarity have cried out for justice and have not been heard.

I’m running for Congress because my community has encouraged me to run for years. I’m running for Congress because we can’t wait for climate justice, we can’t wait to end poverty, we can’t wait for police accountability, we can’t wait for protesters to be protected from violent policing, we can’t wait to address wrongful convictions, we can’t wait for racial justice, we can’t wait to abolish ICE.

I’m asking for your support because this is a people-powered campaign where we all win with new and different leadership in Congress. I’m asking for your support because far too many of us have been left behind and left out in DC. I’m asking for your support because young people, women, and people of color can’t wait.

I’m asking for your support because we need justice now!

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